Gas Flaring Systems

Gas Flaring Systems46 foot vertical high volume multiple line flare manufactured by Pacific Process System Inc. Bakersfield CA USA.

The system is designed and manifolded to produce any of the processes into separate lines for a clean burn: a 8" main gas line, 4" vapor gas line, 3" pressure safety valve (PSV) line, 2" air assets line, 1" pilot gas line, 1" back-up pilot gas line, and 2" emergency pilot igniter line.

Gas Flaring SystemsThe pilot system is a two-part system. The main pilot is a Mactronic continuous pilot with a 110-volt sparks every 30 sec. The back-up pilot is a continuous flame front generator type ignition.

The 2" emergency igniter is used if there is a total failure of the other two systems by discharging a flare gun into the pipe and igniting the gas in the main 8" line.